Ironwood Underground, LLC  is a subsidary of Ironwood Asset Management Group.  We are a professional and experienced horizontal directional bore drilling (HDD) company with over 30 years of industry experience among our staff.

Ironwood Underground, LLC continued focus on diversity of work, safety, integrity and customer satisfaction have contributed to the successful growth of our company.


Ironwood Underground is an industry professional that with our experience we bring along a passion for delivering the best possible service to their customers.


Ironwood Underground’s corporate headquarters are the Twin Cities with its Minnesota Operational Division located in Rogers, MN and the Wisconsin Operational located in New Richmond, WI.


The principles used to guide the Ironwood Underground to this goal were and are; Character, Capital and Capacity.


A company built on ethics, honesty with customers and employees, on giving our word and sticking to it, on going the extra mile on every job to make sure it exceeds customer expectations, owning up to mistakes and taking care of it, and always being there when the customer needs us.


Being financially sound, investing in the latest equipment so we are always giving our customers the best possible technology on their jobs, but most importantly investing in the human capital, getting the best possible people, making training ongoing, and getting the people that believe in customer first.


Having all the people and equipment necessary to handle any job we take on, not taking a chance to over extend our capabilities if it were to cause any issues for a customer. Having the expertise needed to handle every aspect of every job we take on, bonding ability to handle very large projects and multiple projects anywhere in the United States.
Ironwood Underground has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years with a yearly growth averaging 68%. Our company has grown from three employees in 2015 to 12 employees and 2 additional units and continuing to grow in 2017. We have gone from just providing service in the north metro region of the Twin Cities to support service in the Midwest Tri-State region.


Ironwood Underground has a strong commitment to the safety of our employees, the public and the properties where our projects are located.
Ironwood Underground has a strict policy on drug use. We have mandatory pre-employment drug testing. Ironwood Underground is working with OECS, a third party administrator, to help manage the Safety Program with our safety management team. All Ironwood Underground commercial drivers are in a national pool for random drug testing.

Our Operations Manager with works closely with Sr. Field Supervisor(s) and Field Personnel to educate and monitor all our employees in safe work practices. Along with the weekly Toolbox meetings, Ironwood Underground conducts an annual safety meeting. Each year this meeting includes new topics of training such as confined space, safe work and operating procedure, fire and electrical safety to name just a few. We also perform on-site safety audits. It is our policy to train our employees to maintain safe, quality practices.

Safety Policy
Ironwood Underground, LLC, is committed to provide our employees a safe and healthful working environment and to the elimination of loss leading to the conservation of human and corporate resource. This policy mandates a corporate wide Safety, Health and Loss Prevention Program with the goal of providing a work environment free from recognized hazards.

The Safety Health and Loss Prevention Program have the following objectives:

  • To preserve Ironwood Underground most important asset, its employees, by reducing the risk of injury and illness.
  • To minimize property, equipment, and product damage.
  • To comply with the federal, state, and local safety and health regulations.

The following directives are established to achieve the Safety, Health and Loss Prevention Program objectives:

  • All levels of management will work to provide an environment free from recognized hazards in joint effort with employees.
  • Ironwood Underground will properly maintain equipment used in providing services and products. Employees are responsible to use and maintain tools properly.
  • All levels of management will follow all policies and procedures when training employees to perform their job tasks. All employees are expected to perform job tasks as trained, and to bring to the attention of the Immediate Supervisor/Foreman when not job task trained.
  • All employees will abide by federal, state, and local safety and health regulations governing our industry and those standards established by the Company.
  • All employees will respect the persons and property of the general public in the conduct of Ironwood Underground business.
  • All employees will follow all work policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • All employees will communicate to their Immediate Supervisor/Foreman any conditions that are inconsistent with Ironwood Underground Safety, Health and Loss Prevention Program.

All employees are accountable for the implementation of the program within their division. All employees are expected to notify management according to standard procedures on any conditions or procedures that may result in personal injury to themselves, fellow employees, and the general public or in damage to property or equipment.

Safety Programs

Company policy, state and federal law make the safety and health of our employees the first consideration in operating business. At Ironwood Underground, safety and health is part of every operation and is part of every employee’s responsibility at all levels.

Safety First Priority

The personal safety and health of each employee of Ironwood Underground are of primary importance. Prevention of occupational-induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that the Supervisor/Foreman is to notify the Safety Coordinator before performing work tasks that is considered dangerous, a serious violation of a regulatory standard; or may likely result in a disabling lost time injury.

Individual Cooperation Necessary

Ironwood Underground will maintain a safety and health program conforming to the industry practices of our field. To be successful, such a program must embody proper attitudes towards injury and illness prevention on the part of all employees. It requires the cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only of the employer and the individual employee, but also between co-workers.


Ironwood Underground will communicate to its employees our commitment to safety and our commitment to ensure that employees are familiar with the elements of the Safety Program. Ironwood Underground communicates with its employees verbally through management commitment, the Supervisor/Foreman direction, statements and compliance, Safety Coordinator written directives and field interaction, the safety manual, and by example.


We promote Ethical Behavior, Fairness, and Opportunity and adhere to Ironwood underground’s business code of ethics. We consistently demonstrate honesty, respect and care at all levels of the organization in all our relationships with all our stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulatory agencies, family and community).

We collectively respect and embrace diversity and enhance individual strengths and focus them on achieving a common goal with a passion for success.

We display boundless enthusiasm to proactively seek and obtain information to understand and act on the current and future expectations of our internal and external customers, thereby providing mutual benefit for all parties.

We demonstrate a “can do” attitude in everything we do. We invest in our employees through education, training, empowerment and constant communication, allowing us to be a flexible, agile and an innovative Company that strives to be a leader in all aspects of our business.

Performance Driven
We hold ourselves and each other accountable, give recognition and provide opportunity for advancement.

Quality and Safety Driven
We deliver high class quality in all aspects of our business. We achieve internal and external satisfaction by understanding, communicating and exceeding expectations.

Safety & Environmental excellence is the foundation of our success. We promote awareness, foster ownership and set the standards for S&E at work, at home and in our communities though training, communication, employee participation and commitment.